10 Greatest Quotes in European Championship History

Apart from being a competition that has showered countless moments of individuals and teams’ greatness on the pitch, Euros have some of the most famous quotes in its legacy. These sayings by the legends of the game have not only become part of European football folklore. Still, they have also redefined the way we see at this championship. 

From the philosophical words of van Basten about his volley to Schweinsteiger telling us how he got suspended, here is the list of ten greatest quotes in the European championship history.

Marco van Basten talks about his volley

A volley that decided the Nederlandse team’s European title, van Basten’s strike has become an integral part of Euros and Dutch team history. Here is what he had to say about his famous strike: 

That was the moment where we could say: ‘It is 2-0, we can win this game.’ But the excitement about the goal. I did not really understand it and what I did. You can also see that in my reaction. I am asking, ‘What is happening?”

Marco van Basten talks about his volley

We understand how you were feeling, van, and we will always cherish this moment that you produced.

Graham Taylor and England woes

Put your feet up and enjoy it. England manager Graham Taylor tried to tempt fate before remembering a great disaster for the English football team. They went on and lost all three of their games in Euro 92. Time to probably put the feet down, Graham.

Graham Taylor and England woes

Gary McAllister asking to be cut open

A great player, and even a better penalty-taker, McAllister missed the all-important penalty in 96′ Euros and then saw his team exiting the tournament. His sadness, however, could never make the way out from his heart, and he famously described it as:

“I know there are far more important things in life than football, but if you cut me open and had a look inside right now, it couldn’t be a pretty sight. I don’t know if I can sink any lower.”

Gary McAllister asking to be cut open

It’s alright, Gary. Messi would love to have a word or two with you.

Gareth Southgate – The player

As a player, Southgate probably would be someone who could understand how McAllister felt when he missed his penalty. He described his penalty skill in this way: 

“I’ve only taken one penalty before, for Crystal Palace at Ipswich. It was 2-2 in the 89th minute; I hit the post and went down that year. But I think I’d be far more comfortable now than I was then.”

Gareth Southgate – The player

Oh, and he then missed his penalty against Germany in 1996 Euros. What an anti-climax, Gary. Let Kane take the penalties for England now, please!

Boruc and Polish President

“If such people attend our matches, I prefer to play in front of empty seats. Our beloved President also held the scarf upside down; maybe it was the first time he’s ever been to a game? It was all very pathetic.”

Boruc and Polish President

Just a frustrated Polish keeper making a comment that involved a politician and the President of his nation. Not a good sign this, Boruc, ask Ozil!

Bastian Schweinsteiger follows German Chancellor

“First, she told me not to do anything stupid again, which I did not do [against Portugal]. Then she said I should play the same way I did two years ago. What can you do? If the chancellor asks you to do something, you have to obey!”

Bastian Schweinsteiger follows German Chancellor

Just a suspended Schweinsteiger treating the chancellor of his country with a little more respect. Boruc can learn from him probably, or maybe not.

Raymond Domenech, or Jose Mourinho?

“I don’t have anything to say to the people who want me to resign. But I would like to ask Estelle for her hand [in marriage]. The only thing I’m thinking about from now is marrying Estelle, which is why I’m asking her for her hand today. I know it’s difficult at this moment, but it’s during these difficult times that you need people – and personally, I need her.”

Raymond Domenech, or Jose Mourinho

He got the hand of Estelle, for sure, but this saying? It was probably more about diverting the attention from the poor run by the French team in 2008 Euros.

Xavi being Xavi

“I’m not strong, nor fast, nor skillful. I’m a player from the street. Without my team-mates, without space, I am nothing.”

Xavi being Xavi

Xavi describing the fact that there is no ‘I’ factor in Spain’s triumph in the 2012 campaign. But hey, Xavi, you can’t get us with such tricks. We know a bit about your skills.

A Dead Rakitic?

“I can honestly say that my soul was left on that pitch, and I think I needed a few people to carry me off the pitch because I was literally dead.”

Some words of wisdom from Rakitic after the 2012 Euro exit of Croatia. But if Rakitic was ‘literally dead,’ who was playing the world cup 2018 final? Hmmm. A body double of the dead Croat, maybe?

English? Turkish? English? 

“I’m English, without a doubt. I will never ever say I’m not English. English born and bred. I’m Turkish, though.”

London-born Turkish striker Colin Kazim-Richards being the epitome of the identity crisis during Euro 2008.

Spot your favorite

Have you decided which one is your favorite till now? If no, check again and let us know in the comments. We will love it if you add a few of your own so that we can have a laugh at it and reminisce on the old memories.

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