18.11.2019 – HARRY KANE GOALS

Harry Kane is the most complete striker in the world as he can create, score & fight for his team group. There are not many like him today in football, he is so special, unique & a leader by example, spurs are lucky to get a player like him in their team.

England has a fantastic team & with a player & leader like Harry, their chances to win an important title like next EURO will be high. They have a promising generation of players that have the quality, experience, and passion to do the job.

12 Goals In Euro2020 Group Stage

Harry helped his national team to qualify for Euro by scoring 12 goals distributed across all the games in the group as he scored in every game for England during qualifications. The English team was in group “A” with only 4 teams, unlike the other groups.

Harry started qualifications with one goal in a 5-0 Home win against the Czech Republic through a penalty at minute 2 of stoppage time, where three lions secured their 1st 3 points. The 2nd one was in Podgorica against Montenegro, an easy assisted-ball from Raheem Sterling at minute 71’ to make the result 1-4 for England in a 1-5 away win for England.

Harry Kane's 1st Hatrick

Harry Kane’s 1st Hatrick

His 1st hattrick was against Bulgaria in a 4-0 home win, Harry scored the opening for England at minute 24’ assisted by Raheem Sterling again after an error of Bulgaria Goalkeeper. Then he scored 2 penalties at minutes 49’ & 73’ and an assist for Raheem Sterling.

At St. Mary’s stadium English team faced Kosovo in their 4th game, Harry scored a single goal at minute 19’ to help England take a 2-1 lead, a Fantastic run from Raheem Sterling in the central area with the ball then put Harry in a One vs One situation who finished it with his left foot.

3 Lions Lost only one match which was against the Czech Republic at Eden Arena, Prague. Harry scored the opening goal from a penalty at minute 5’ then the home team draw the result after only 5 mins, then took the lead in the last 5 minutes of the game.

In Sofia, against Bulgaria, he scored the last goal in a 0-6 away win for England, a second ball lost by a Bulgarian player so the ball moved to Harry who passed the defender and finished it with his left foot in a fantastic way, he gave three assists also.

Harry Kane’s 2nd Hatrick

His 2nd Hattrick was against Montenegro at Wembley stadium where it was the 1st time for an English player to score a consecutive hattrick at 2 internationals games.

  1. 1st goal came from a set-piece, a cross pass from Chilwell on Harry’s head to give England the lead.
  2. 2nd one came from a corner, another accurate cross from Chilwell on Harry’s head to make it 3-0.
  3. 3rd goal came from an open play, Trent-Arnold sent a cross pass to Harry who received it in six box yards, then finished it intelligently in the opposite direction of the goalkeeper.

He finished his run by a goal against Kosovo in a 0-4 away win at the final game of qualifications.

An error from the defender while trying to clear the ball out of the box led to a volleyball finished by Harry in one touch technique.

English people hope to win a continental tournament where their hopes are upon Harry’s shoulders.

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