19.11.2019 – ITALY VS. ARMENIA

In Italy especially Palermo, at Renzo Barbera stadium in front of more than 27000 supporters, the Italian national team ended their qualification walk by 9-1 home win against Armenia, where they already sealed the top group place.


The game began with 433 system formation, from Tunali, to Jorginho, from Barella, to Zaniola, to Romagnoli, from Biraghi, from Benin to Bonucci. Italy has played with 433 system formation.

Although Armenia used 541 machine training Airapetyan, Babayan, A Grigoryan, Artak Edigaryan, Barserghyan, Calisir, Ishkhanyan and K Hovhanisyan were used.

Italy Dominated The Game

Italians didn’t start the game perfectly, so Armenia was dangerous in 1st minutes of the game through Babayan.

Italy built up their play using 2 ball-playing center backs plus Biraghi who stay deep to create overloads & more passing options. Also, Tonali & Jorginho drops deep to help them move the ball forward easily.

Zaniolo Is The Key Player

Zaniolo Is The Key Player

Zaniolo was cutting inside centrally to receive the ball and connect the play and create chances, as he created 4 chances, gave one assist, and scored two goals. Barella played as usual as a box to box midfielder, while Chiesa’s role was to make the pitch wide till Biraghi moved forward, then cut inside very quickly & sharply as it appears in the heat map.

He created 4 chances, 2 of them were big ones, had 2 shots on the target, 4 off target, 2 hits the target, missed 3 big chances, made 6/8 dribbles, scored one goal, and gave 2 assists.

Armenia went on an open-game which cost them a big loss where there were a lot of spaces between lines and in wide areas.

Immobile’s movement was in these spaces to create channels and spaces for Zaniolo and Chiesa to move into it.

After a slow start from Italy, they got into the match quickly as they scored a brace in just 2 minutes through Immobile and Zaniolo which made the game easy for Italians, who ended the 1st half with a 4-0 lead.

Roberto Mancini Make Changes During 2nd Half

Roberto Mancini Make Changes During 2nd Half

Roberto Mancini wanted more attacking options, positive ball controlling & more quickness in the 2nd half, so he entered Orsolini instead of Barella on the right side & shift the system to 4231 system while Zaniolo moved from winger position to playmaker role as a no. 10. Orsolini gave the manager what he wanted in the 2nd half plus scoring one goal & gave an assist.

After a 5-0 lead, Izzo entered instead of Bonucci as a refreshment for the backline & got him into the team and the system. Another two goals from Romagnoli & Jorginho made it 7-0, So the manager decided to enter Meret instead of Sirigu to give him the confidence, time to develop & play as they want to create a young competitor for Donnarumma to improve national team goal-keeping in the coming years but for the bad luck he received the only goal scored by the Armenians.

After the game, the Players went to greet their fans that hoped to win the next Euro as they had a fantastic team.

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