8.9.2020 – RONALDO’S 100TH GOAL

Portugal football history should be divided into 2 eras, one after Cristiano Ronaldo and the other one is before him because he changed football all over the world not only in his country.

100 goals with the national team show how he is as a player where he is near now to be the most goalscorer for national teams.

Ronaldo is a living legend and an inspirational hero for his generation, he has his touch upon football physicality, tactics & mentality. He changed the definition of the winger, as he was, and is an example for players of his positions.

What Position Does Ronaldo Play

What Position Does Ronaldo Play?

Ronaldo isn’t a classical winger, he is a unique one who likes to cut inside, run behind defenders. Also moving inside the box to score with headers and using both feet with the same quality out of the box. Now we are having a lot of players with the same style but Ronaldo is the only one.

He can affect his teammates’ mentality pushing them forward to play with high confidence. His winning mentality and refusing to lose are the key to his legendary and winning trophies.

Ronaldo's Achievements in Nation Team

Ronaldo’s Achievements in Nation Team

Ronaldo’s touch on his national team is very clear to be seen by everyone, as Portugal only played seven world cups, 4 of them was with Cristiano. We all recall his hat trick against Sweden who took Portugal to Brazil in 2014 in the World Cup final.

With Him as a captain & leader Portugal won their only major trophy which was Euro 2016 against France where he was the leader from the touchline after his early injury, in addition to the European national league 2018 trophy. But we shouldn’t forget his brace against Hungary & his header against Wales which led the Portuguese to the final of the Euro.

Ronaldo’s hard work on every aspect of his life as a professional is magnificent. Sleeping, eating & training all are controlled and organized, plus improving his mental state.

Benatia’s Quotes About Ronaldo

“For the game against Bergamo we were the two unused substitutes because three days later we were going to play again and the coach wanted to make rotations,” Benatia said.

“When we were on the bus back [from Bergamo], Cristiano sent me a message: ‘What are you going to do now?” I told him: “It’s eleven pm. I’m going home. Why?’

“Do you feel like doing some exercise in the gym? I didn’t sweat and I need it. Are you coming?’”, said Benatia, recalling Ronaldo’s somewhat odd question.

“I replied that it was eleven o’clock at night and I just wanted to get home and watch TV.”

Ronaldo Gets Better With Age

Ronaldo Gets Better With Age

So, he realized that isn’t a normal person, that is why you can see him keeping himself playing at this high level despite his old age. Also, his body shape is still fit and isn’t affected by normal changes due to age.

His professionalism and passion appear also when he is playing against every team in the continent with the same effort. He takes it seriously during every game regardless difficulty of the game or the size of the team.

So, it’s weird to see him playing against lower national teams in Europe while he can take a rest. Ronaldo isn’t just a fantastic player but he is a real and clear example of hard work and striving who should be the role model of every person on his planet.

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