Euro 2020 Betting Tips by Experts’ Predictions

With UEFA Euro 2020 looming around the corner, the experts’ predictions are coming in with full swing. Months of international football came to an end, and we have our first set of qualified teams. With 24 teams already in the proceeded stages, the experts already have the favorites predicted on their hands.

Started in 1960, this will be the sixteenth time UEFA Euro will be played. With the Portuguese being the defending champions, the stakes for them winning against this time are not much high.

The burning question is – what will be different this year other than the expansion from 16 teams to 24 teams?

The host countries. Yes, the UEFA Euro 2020 will be moved and adjusted to a different destination on the continent. Previously, only one or two countries used to host the UEFA European Championship, but things are different this time. Far-flung destinations will be opted for this year, and we will see a lot of host countries welcoming European football at their peril.

These are the only two things you need to know before continuing further. First, the tournament expanded from 16 teams to 24 teams that means the teams that finished third during the qualification stages could still qualify to play in the UEFA Euro 2020.

Secondly, there are multiple host countries, but England will be the one hosting the finals of UEFA Euro 2020. Wembley Stadium, in its full and glorious form, will decide the winner on the 12th of July, 2020.

So, what are the betting tips by experts, and which team provides the best value? Let’s discuss these questions in detail down below.



What are the Bookies Predicting This Year?

It is not an unknown fact that England is hosting this year’s UEFA European Championship at Wembley Stadium, so the bookies’ favorites are England with a 6.00 rate.

Next up is World Champions France with a strong and better attacking-line this time with a confident and Borussia Mönchengladbach’s hot prospect Alassane Plea, Kylian Mbappé, Griezmann, and Wissam Ben Yedder.

Next up on the list is Belgium, who was one of the two teams that remained perfectly undefeated during the qualification stages by winning all ten games played. With a team filled with experienced players and bright young prospects, they are third on bookies’ list this year.

To our surprise, one of the best bookies this year is predicting a win for uprising Netherlands, two consecutive-times World Champions Spain, and unpredictable Germany.

Defending champions Portugal follows the list, but the bookies have predicted that they will not be in hot form for this year. Other teams that follow are Croatia, or even Denmark, who will be playing all their games on home grounds.


The Favorites for UEFA Euro 2020:

For a team that reached the semi-finals of World Cup 2018, there is not even a shadow of a doubt that England is the favorites to win UEFA Euro this year.

With that being said, if England wins their group, they will play five of the next seven games at Wembley Stadium, which is a huge booster for them. The teams that will be in their group are Croatia, the Czech Republic, and a play-off winner.

France, however, faces fierce competitions as they are drawn against Germany, Portugal, and a play-off winner in what is said to be a ‘Group of Death.’ One of these three teams will see the exit of this European competition and we, for now, cannot predict which one.

Next up on the list, Belgium is a team that had a terrific record during group stages by scoring 40 goals. However, their defensive line preserves a big question mark, but the comfort lies for them in the group stage matches as they are drawn against Finland, Russia, and Denmark.

Ronald Koeman, one of the renowned names in football, will be managing his team Netherlands which showed glimpses of artistry during the UEFA Nation League. With a CB pairing of Virgil van Dijk and Matthijs de Light, they have one of the best defenses in the competition with former Barca and Ajax keeper Jasper Cillessen in goal. All they lack is an experienced striker, which will prove to be a little frightening for them in the competition.  

Two times World Cup winner Spain has recently derailed from the quality football they were playing, but do they possess a home advantage this year as three of the group games will be played in Bilbao. Who knows what could happen afterward?



Make Your Bet Worth It Through the EURO Outsiders:


This is not the golden era of Italians we grew up watching, but the Italians were alongside Belgium in winning ten out of ten games during group qualifiers. They have been drawn against Switzerland, Wales, and Turkey, which has turned out to be in their favor as none of these three teams come at their level of football.

The bets are placed at 1.60 for Italy to win the Group Stages and 11.00 to win the UEFA Euro 2020.


With a lot of talent filled-in their team, Croatians have been nothing but unfortunate in recent years. The Croatians have also struggled to qualify for the group stages, plus with their star striker Mario Mandzukic retired, you wonder if they are done with their International football.

The bets for Croatia to win the group stages are 3.75 and 26.00 to win the Euro 2020.



The German guns may have an easy win on their hands, but first, they have to qualify from the group of death. With Timo Werner leading the frontline, the opponent should be scared of is thunderous pace and fierce shots on goal. So, if they get through the group phase, they will easily get through the other opponents as well.

The odd are 2.50 for Germany to win the group stages and 9.50 for them to win the Euro 2020.



With one of the World’s best players, Cristiano Ronaldo, reinforced in their attack, anything is possible for the Portuguese side. They recently won the UEFA Nations League against the Netherlands, but the odds are still low for them to win the UEFA Euro 2020.

The odds are 18.00 for Portugal to win the group stage and 17.00 for them to defend the title.


Betting Odds for UEFA Euro 2020

To Win The Euro 2020:

To Win The Group Stage: 

*To be updated*

Our Predictions for UEFA Euro 2020:

Somehow difficult, somehow easy. We are predicting either England or France to fetch the title, but France is up there in the bracket only if they qualify their group stages.

But right now, England is our current favorites to win the UEFA Euro 2020, all because of the home advantage.

Although it would be crazy to write off the big guns like Italy, Belgium, Germany, and Spain, we are still confident that home advantage takes a toll over competitiveness. England will also be brimming with hope and confidence as Liverpool is currently headed to win the Premier League under the captaincy of England International Jordan Henderson.

There could be a lot of surprises as well, and that is exactly why the wait will be worth it in the end. International football has never been able to cease its fans in terms of excitement and pleasurable shockers. We expect the same to happen this time, but with England International to get their hands on the trophy.

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