People talk about best teams and best players all over the internet, the records, the shinny success, and all the great stuff we’re accustomed to hearing about extraterrestrial players and remarkable teams. But today, it’s going to be different. Today we talk about the worst team on the face of the earth. We’re talking about the national team of a microstate, surrounded by the Italian land, San Marino is the name! Before we start listing their failures and horrible results, one thing should be clear: it’s not to mock them, but the exact contrary of that, we appreciate their courage to stand up against the biggest football nations of Europe. We’re going to discuss some facts which will surely surprise you. Let the show start!


San Marino is among the smallest countries in Europe, with a mere population of 33 thousand residents. The players who represent them on the International level are usually the part-time workers, in the daylight, they’re lawyers, doctors, daily-life workers, and very often in the evenings, they face fierce teams like England, France, etc. But they have the worst records in the history of the game. Here’s an eye-opening fact; San Marino hasn’t won a single competitive game in their entire history of competitive football. Consequently, and expectedly, they hold the joint-lowest position and FIFA rankings, sitting at number 209. Their stats are so poor that they score only 6 goals in a decade if we calculate average. Well, that’s a lot of introduction for them, let’s talk about San Marino’s recent run-in Euro qualifiers in 2019.



What we’re about to tell you shouldn’t hit you as a surprise anymore. In the 10 qualifier matches in 2019, San Marino didn’t win a single game. They didn’t even draw once as they lost all 10 fixtures. Here’s another one: The team scored only one goal in the entire campaign, which came against Kazakhstan on matchday 9.

In the process, they were massively humiliated by some of the giants of the football world. In the third qualifier, San Marino’s national team was defeated by the Russians by a huge margin of 9-0. And sadly, that didn’t happen only once, Belgium repeated this feat later in the 7th fixture when they also fired 9 goals in the San Marino’s net. Other than these, the team was repeatedly beaten by the 4 or 5 goal margins by the likes of Cyprus, Scotland, Kazakhstan, and Belgium. Terrible!


Well, these were some bitter facts and figures. But it also displays courage, romanticism, and commitment to the game. This team is in the same humiliating process for decades now, but they show up, they fight, and they give their 100 percent for their tiny fanbase which consists of few hundreds or barely a thousand folks.

You made it till the end, don’t forget to leave your opinions, we love to hear from you. See you the next time!

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