Which European Force Is Most Likely To Lift The Euro 2021 Trophy?

Euro 2021 was supposed to kick off in 2020, but because of the pandemic, the tournament is now going to take place in June 2021. Since everything is all set, let’s talk about who is most likely to win the tournament. The recent tournaments proved that it has been that the competition in the world of football has risen tremendously.

In the recent world cup 2018, many big teams failed to keep their image alive, such as Brazil. While on the other hand, smaller teams that performed well, such as Croatia, became the tournament’s runners.

Potential Players To Watch In Euro 2020

Potential Players To Watch In Euro 2020

Many professionals played well with their clubs. In the coming Euro 2020, there is a certain degree of probability these players will shine out. Erling Haaland is the first player that I want to highlight.

Haaland has scored some blissful goals and made some vital assists in Bundesliga. This youngster is under the spotlight of Bundesliga, and if Norway team officials select him for the Euro. There is a probability in London that we will experience any genuine magic.

The second player who is also very likely to perform is Kylian Mbappe; in 2018, he became the youngest French player to score in the World Cup and became the second teenager (after Pele) who scored a goal World Cup final as well. We’ve seen his moments in the world cup already, and he is doing a fantastic job for Paris Saint-German. Kylian Mbappe is likely to achieve a lot shorter at a very young age and can be super beneficial.

Bruno Fernandes is the hero of Manchester United now and has given the fans a sense of hope that their team is not finished yet. The Portuguese footballer has scored 11 goals and two goals behind Mohammad Salah, the top goal scorer of the English Premier League.

A couple more young guns who have been performing exceptionally well are Dominick Calvert Lewin and Bamford. Both of these youngsters were not getting much attention. As Bamford showed his class in Division 2, he has been similarly able to find the net ten times in English Premier League. DCL, under Carlos Ancelotti, has also scored 11 goals compellingly.

Favourites For The Tournament

Favourites For The Tournament

There are five highly preferable teams to win this tournament: England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Portugal. With this popular event starting in June, let’s look at what potentially these five teams can contribute to this event.

England, in 1990 reached till semi-finals, which was a memorable moment for the Southgate side. However, considering their recent history, Iceland was knocked out in the round of16 in Euro 2016. But apart from this factor, it is essential to contemplate that the Englishmen are going to have their group games in Wembley. Plus, if they reach the semi-finals and final, those will take place in Wembley.

There is no doubt that the Frenchmen are in superior form after winning the 2018 world cup. Their big guns, such as Mbappe, Griezmann, and Pogba, can win the tough battles. But France will start its campaign in the group of death and Germany and Portugal, which can be challenging for them.

Roberto Martinez’s side is full of world-class players and was in the World Cup 2018. Even in this year’s UEFA Nations League, they have been on top in their group, with the most goals and points. The red devil’s army is in great form and is one of the biggest giants of Europe.

The flying dutchmen have failed to qualify in the last two tournaments. We can expect an effective transformation from them. They were runners-up in the UEFA Nations League and have prevalent football heroes on their side. The side that has been a little silent over the years is a mistake to underestimate.

Portugal is a side which was the winner of the 2016 Euro, and their captain is the icon of football. Cristiano Ronaldo is an effective leader. With the form of Bruno Fernandes, they are capable of doing upsets against big teams. The side has been a bit poor in the world cup, but if Fernando Santos has an effective plan, his team can successfully implement it.

Teams With The Most Depth In The Squad

Squads that are full of strength are Belgium, France, and England. These forces are full of performers and have the potential of winning the tournament as well. Belgium and France have proved to a certain extent that they are the kings of the world of football. It was very joyful to watch these teams clashing against each other in the 2018 world cup semi-final.

While England, on the other hand, is performing low than their potential. Mr Southgate’s side is full of a knack, but they fail to perform. England might be the only side amongst performers available other than their playing 11 and substitutions.

Which Team Is Going To Win Euro 2021? Our Verdict

People have different predictions for this event; some of the spectators and analysts believe that England will have the home advantage. On top of an excellent squad. However, the most crucial factor that needs to be considered is the flow of a team’s gameplay.

Martinez’s and Didier’s sides have excellent flow. Their side is very much experienced, and they know how to deliver where it’s due. However, it won’t be wise to ignore the tournament’s underdogs because teams like Portugal and Netherlands can strike back with a bang.

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