Will The English Fans Be Able To Relish Their Heroes Lifting The Euro 2021 Trophy?

England football team has never won the European Championship in their career, and different people got various perspectives. But fans’ support has always been a significant factor in the world of sports.

Since this time, the Englishmen are hosting the Euro 2021 in London. Let’s have a look at what are the odds and evens of England winning the Euro 2021.

Will England win the Euro 2021? – Odds & Evens

Will England win the Euro 2021? – Odds & Evens

According to the bookies, England and Belgium, France is the most favourites to side to win the Euro 2021. However, after their recent performance in the UEFA Nations League, it doesn’t seem like it. In the UEFA Nations League tournament, the Englishmen have been in the second last position in group 2. Out of 6 games, they have won 3, drew one, and lost two matches.

If we view the point table, one can notice that England are a terrible side. But their performance as a team and stats was not bad. They the second-best goal difference after Belgium, in their group.

Unarguably, the English Premier League is the world’s best football league. England has players in their squad who have been dominating the EPL. In the list of 2019/20 season of top 10 goal scorers, five England players could score some sparkling goals for their clubs. All these players had a double-digit number of goals.

When it comes down to the team’s talent and strength, there is no doubt that the English force is loaded with fancy weapons. However, if you cannot destroy your enemy, the fancy guns would not be of much use.

England's Formation, Tactics, and Strategies

England’s Formation, Tactics, and Strategies

Southgate prefers to manifest his magic through 3-4-2-1 formation. This formation gives the team more extra defensive cover, with three at the back and two wingbacks. The wingbacks play a vital role here, as they also have the license to help the team in attack.

The front three are set up, with two styles, in terms of positioning. There are two attacking midfielders behind one striker in the first style; however, the two attack midfielders become winged on the right and left in the second style. The central midfield plays the same way, but, significantly, they have good coordination.

When it comes down to the England team’s goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford, the first choice, when there are three defenders at the back, the goalkeeper’s work rate slightly increases, especially against the high pressing teams. In some situations, the goalkeeper must act pretty much as a defender, primarily when the ball is carried in the team’s half. However, when Pickford plays for Everton, his role is not the same; Southgate needs to analyze that if his keeper has that ability or otherwise, he might have to rethink his first choice.

The Muddled-Up England Squad

England has been known for producing some breathtaking and phenomenal talent over the years. A lot of football fanatics, a question about England not winning the world cup or Euro. The team’s real problem is that they’ve so many options available; that’s it is hard to pick the most upright player who will fit for a particular position.

England’s side three central defenders are Harry Maguire, Tyrone Mings, and Kyle Walker. Their wingbacks usually are Bukayo Saka and Ben Chilwell. The team’s central midfield part is rotated between Jordan Hendersen, Mason Mount, Declan Rice, and Phil Foden. Two attacking midfielders sit behind the strikers, Jack Grealish and Foden, or further Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford. Harry Kane is the central striker.

This may look a great side on paper, but when you notice the other side of the picture, in terms of who is missing. Your eye will catch some fascinating football players. When we talk about defenders or wingback, we will see some ample options like Alexander Arnold, Joe Gomez, and Chris Smalling.

The most talked-about and noteworthy is the front line of the England national side. Harry Kane may not be the best option England have at the moment, on top of it, when England plays with two wingers, Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford may not be irreplaceable. As already stated, Harry Kane has four additional matches. They were among the top ten goalscorers of last season.

Those four players are Raheem Sterling, Danny Ings, and Marcus Rashford. Besides that, we also have an uprising star, who is doing wonders for Everton in this season, Dominick Calvert Lewin. DCL has scored 11 goals in his 16 matches. It is hard to find the right 11 choices for so many options. This is a vast and significant factor that Mr Southgate needs to sort out.

Can We Have Big Expectations From The Three Lions

Can We Have Big Expectations From The Three Lions?

Football is a funny game, sometimes the best team fails to deliver, and the underdogs produce precisely what their fans want. A couple of examples are Leicester City winning the English premier league in 2015/16 and Portugal winning the Euro in 2016.

Despite whatever the record they have, the three lions are very likely to win this year’s Euro, as the bookies have also voted for them. Will the Englishmen, with their uprising talent and well-known football public figures, and their nation’s support, be able to lift the Euro 2021 trophy? Well, we will find that out in June.

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